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PUMA FOOTBALL Creating a unique and branded experience for visitors of the new PumaFootball.com was definitely an exciting experience. The structure for this site has lived on through a number of other Puma properties such as Golf, Lacrosse, Sailing, Running, and Black Label PUMA EURO Puma launched a mobile initiative in 13 different world markets to promote its "Together Everywhere" program for soccer enthusiasts. The program was available in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden,Poland, the Czech Republic, Greece, Austria and Switzerland. Woven Interactive was brought in to bridge the gaps between Beamland, Phone Valley's WAP site, the web and soccer fans across the world. Truly a unique and challenging project that we were easily able to tackle. PUMA GOLF OPEN PUMA and Maxim Magazine announced the launch of The PUMA Open, a national golf event series unlike any other golf tournament. After Woven Interactive helped launch the backbone of several PUMA sites, we were brought in once again to continue development on sub sections of the PUMA Golf Open site. MULTICAST MEDIA Multicast Media has some amazing product offerings, and we were excited to help enhance and grow those offerings by building and implementing custom flash video players for their system. This allowed Multicast to offer an enhanced set of tools to their Vidego customers, allowing those customers to implement a wider variety of video players into their own sites. MULTICAST SYNDICATION Multicast Media engaged Woven Interactive to design new custom players for their new Vidego product offering. Multicast had the challenge of creating new clean player design and allowing full customization for their syndication clients. Woven Interactive worked extensively with Multicast to meet these needs. HOME DEPOT Working closely with LBi in Atlanta, Woven Interactive was brought in to develop the flash back end that would run a touch screen device. These devices will enable Home Depot customers to have a better experience at their stores. Using iPhone-like touch and drag technology, along with other wiz bang features, the touch screen was a huge hit with Home Depot executives. SS+K Woven Interactive teamed up with Beamland to take SS+K's website to the next level. SS+K has been creating game-changing ideas that solve big problems for even bigger brands. Working with such cliets as Delta, Lance Armstrong Foundation, and MSNBC. Woven Interactive entered the picture to deliver an interactive edge to replace their static site. The results were nothing short of amazing. YAHOO MASTERCARD Yahoo and Mastercard teamed up to change the way you think about gift giving. Taking you through a simple process of choosing who, how old, and what type of person you are giving for, they were able to deliver you results of the best product choices for that person. Woven Interactive was brought in to create a multi-layered experience combining fun, animation, and interactivity. NBA : THUNDER"> Modifications and updates to the subsidiary site of NBA.com was no problem for Woven. In addition to updating and adjusting existing areas of the site, we added a few new sections as well. Between the front end Flash coding and the ties to the content management system, this is one project that we enjoyed thoroughly. THE KNOT Multicast Media had the challenge of adding a new custom player to their Vidego Platform. Woven Interactive was brought in to maintain the design to code aspect of the project. We had to ensure that the designs were translated perfectly to the Flash / Vidego back end. Whether this was in the form of custom Flash components or a universal CSS, Woven Interactive delivered.

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